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Revision Guide – Economics

SUBJECT: Economics
LENGTH OF PAPERS: 1 hr 30 mins
EQUIPMENT REQUIRED: Alongside normal exam equipment you need a calculator

Topics to be revised

Revision Tips

  • Know how you are assessed, and what topics
  • You should be familiar with the assessment objectives of your course, in particular, the difference between communicating knowledge and understanding: applying knowledge and understanding, analysing and evaluating, and how to demonstrate these skills.
  • Popular command words used in the examinations require you to:
  • State: Give the facts, ignore minor detail
  • Identify: Recognise and briefly describe.
  • Calculate; Use the figures provided in the text to work something out, writing down each step of the calculation.
  • Explain: Make clear and give reasons; clarify using examples.
  • Discuss: Describe different aspects of the subject / present two sides of the argument, and give a reasoned conclusion.
  • Assess: Judge how important or successful something is.
  • Evaluate: Judge the likely worth / advantages / disadvantages / success – stating why by referring to the evidence available.
  • Recommend: Consider the evidence and write down the course of action you consider to be the most appropriate – clearly stating reasons why.
  • Practice doing questions in a set time limit. This is absolutely essential.
  • Many students have the knowledge and ability to secure high grades but fail due to lack of time. DO NOT let this happen to you – PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT!

Recommended course book

Exam Hints

  • Know the number and structure of questions and time limit.
  • For both exams it equals 1 minute per mark.
  • Give reasons and provide an explanation.
  • Pay close attention to the quality of your written communication on questions marked with an asterisk, eg 2 (b)*.

Download a printable version here

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