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Revision Guide – Chemistry

Paper 1: 105 minutes
Paper 2: 105 minutes
EQUIPMENT REQUIRED: Black pen (and spare), pencil, eraser, ruler, calculator

Topics to be revised

Chemistry Paper 1 (Topics 1-5)
1. Atomic structure and the periodic table
2. Bonding, structure, and the properties of matter
3. Quantitative chemistry
4. Chemical changes
5. Energy changes

Required practical content which will be examined:
Making soluble salts (Unit 4)
Electrolysis (Unit 4)
Temperature changes (Unit 5)
[Separate ONLY – Neutralisation (Unit 4)]

Chemistry Paper 2 (Topics 6-10)
6. The rate and extent of chemical change
7. Organic chemistry
8. Chemical analysis
9. Chemistry of the atmosphere
10. Using resources

Required practical content which will be examined:
Rates of Reaction (Unit 6)
Chromatography (Unit 8)
Water purification (Unit 10)
[Separate ONLY – Identifying ions (Unit 8)]

Revision Tips

Use your revision guide and flash cards to help you learn
Use the mark schemes with the past papers to see what wording the examiners are looking for
Make sure you learn the equations before you take the exam. Most are not provided on the paper
Make a glossary to memorise the key definitions

Exam Hints

Learn key words
Read the question carefully and highlight question words to help you to consider what is being asked
Check how many marks a question is worth. If, for example, a question is worth 3 marks, be sure to make 3 valid points in your answer
Don’t forget to check through your paper after you have completed the questions to ensure that you are happy with your responses

Download a printable version here

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