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Vision and Values

Our Core Values

King Edward VI School has been in existence since 1550. We have always held close to a set of principles – standards which govern what we do and how we operate. As a Church of England School, we cherish and celebrate life in all its fullness. We actively promote the well-being, hope and dignity of all members of our school and the wider community

Below are our three core values. These are the things we hold most dear;


As a truly inclusive school, we understand and value the rights, feelings, beliefs and wishes of others. Thus we live honestly, with civility, tolerance and social conscience. We are truthful, kind and we care for each other.


In an atmosphere which encourages a deep love of learning, we all aim to be the very best we can be. Thus we are ambitious, courageous, determined, and resilient and we believe that anything is possible.


We are an inspirational and outward-looking community. We seek to create opportunities, both in and out of the classroom, for students and teachers to thrive for the rest of their lives.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a world-class Church of England school, where students access a broad, challenging and enriching curriculum in a safe and secure environment. We want each and every individual in our community to thrive.

We will pursue the highest academic standards and expectations of behaviour at all times to develop and sustain a moral, spiritual and intellectual school community.