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The Library supports independent learning, enquiry and the discovery of reading for pleasure. Its work supports all members of the school community to become critical thinkers and effective users of information. We believe that reading is one of the most important things that a child can do, as this research shows:

“Reading for pleasure has been revealed as the most important indicator of the future success of a child, and improvements in literacy, at any point in life, can have a profound effect on an individual.” National Literacy Trust

“Reading for Pleasure is more important to a child’s educational achievement than their family’s wealth or social class” Reading Trust

The Library is open and staffed from 8.30am until 4.00pm Monday to Friday


Study Club runs from 3.45pm until 5pm Monday to Thursday. There is no provision on any Friday. Places are limited, BOOKING IS ESSENTIAL, book online; please click on the link for SchoolCloud below. Bookings which are no longer required must be cancelled online to prevent staff from making urgent calls to parents checking on students whereabouts. Study Club begins during the first ‘full week’ of school opening and will not take place on the final day of a term. SchoolCloud – King Edward VI School

BookTrust Bookfinder – Thousands of book reviews at the click of a mouse

The Library offers the following:

  • a broad range of fiction and non-fiction books, to support reading for pleasure, in school learning and homework.
  • 40 computers to use at break/lunch and for classes in lessons

Online support includes:

  • a wide range of free, quality and ‘School Library Association Recommended’ online resources available through the school website; see boxes below. It is good practice to avoid using Wikipedia as much as possible. Please be aware that free sites will have advertisements and may require personal registration
  • having difficulty finding a good read, book and online information sources? E-mail the school librarian for advice


Follow us on Twitter @KingEdLibrary – for Teen/Young Adult book news and anything to do with reading

2022 Book Collections and Guides ( – “Empathy is learnable – only 10% of our empathic ability is genetic. Scientists say that reading builds empathy, and this will play a direct role in helping raise an empathy-educated generation.”  – Miranda McKearney OBE, EmpathyLab’s founder. Great reading suggestions supporting another ‘life skill’ we learn through reading. – the impact of school libraries on learning, 2017 report (pdf)

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Do consider joining Suffolk Libraries to gain full access to their Reading For Pleasure, reading for study, E-book, Audiobook, E-magazine and excellent free online resources offer. Membership is an essential component of ‘the study toolkit’ for all students. See Suffolk Libraries link above.

Why stories are more powerful than you think – Stories are just stories, right? Not really. They are also incredibly powerful – and can both reduce prejudice, and help persuade. Watch this short BBC video clip


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Return your overdue books: borrow more for Summer Holiday reading

It would be great if you can return late/overdue books before the end of term; it will widen the choice of stock you can borrow to read during the holidays. You can borrow up to 6 books. Not enough? Join Suffolk Libraries for a wider and free choice!


Sign up for Suffolk Libraries Summer Reading Challenge

A reminder to sign up for Suffolk Libraries  Summer Reading Challenge, GADGETEERS. Remember if you run out of school library reading over the summer holidays we are closed, your local library is not!


Pride Month Display – June 22

A variety of Pride themed fiction and non-fiction are collected together in a display (there to be borrowed) in the School Library. Build your awareness, knowledge and empathy with these excellent books.

Fiction sites/podcasts: reviews & recommended reads

Reference online, media links & join Suffolk Libraries

Year 7-9 resources

Visual and Performance Arts KS4/GCSE resources

Maths, Computing and Science KS4/GCSE resources

English, Film, French, German and Spanish KS4/GCSE resources

Humanities KS4/GCSE resources

Ideas – Online libraries/museums/galleries, FUN FACTS and quizes

Teen wellbeing resources

Resources for KS4/GCSE Child Development, D.T, Engineering, Food & P.E,

Resources to develop research, enquiry, study and notetaking skills