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Resources to develop research, enquiry, study and notetaking skills

TeenTech-Research-Pack.pdf – Pupil resource sheets explaining why and how to research online and with physical texts, Google search tips and referencing. Includes ‘CRAAP’ test to evaluate the information you are using. ESSENTIAL READING!

CRAAP Test – YouTube – a short video on what this research test is all about

The Fosil Group | Advancing Inquiry Learning – –  (FOSIL – Framework OSkills for Enquiry Learning) see the resources page with lots of information on how to study and research; the planning form and skill set cycle look particularly useful

Best Note Taking App – Organize Your Notes with Evernote – every note taking option you can imagine; keep your revision organised

Learning tools and flashcards – for free! | Quizlet – online revision flashcards on most subjects plus audio spelling test function

Find, Create, and Study Flashcards for Free | Chegg Prep – more flashcard revision; has a US bias with regards to history and geography. Still useful for most subjects

Dealing with fake news – Internet Matters – tips on spotting, avoiding and dealing with the impact of fake news and misinformation

Supporting resources to tackle misinformation | Internet Matters – a range of fact checking sites, use these to be sure what you view is accurate and true

How false information spreads – BBC Bitesize

Fiction sites/podcasts: reviews & recommended reads

Reference online, media links & join Suffolk Libraries

Year 7-9 resources

Visual and Performance Arts KS4/GCSE resources

Maths, Computing and Science KS4/GCSE resources

English, Film, French, German and Spanish KS4/GCSE resources

Humanities KS4/GCSE resources

Ideas – Online libraries/museums/galleries, FUN FACTS and quizes

Teen wellbeing resources

Resources for KS4/GCSE Child Development, D.T, Engineering, Food & P.E,

Resources to develop research, enquiry, study and notetaking skills