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The curriculum at King Edward VI School

Curriculum Intent

The Curriculum at King Edward VI provides all students with a breadth of knowledge, skills and experiences to be successful and flourish in later life. It is fully inclusive allowing the right mixture of challenge, support and success for every child. We seek to make it engaging, interesting and enjoyable. We also seek to develop a sense of curiosity, wonder and love of learning by asking big questions across our subject areas. Our curriculum is intended to develop critical and creative thinking in our students alongside practical skills, physical attributes and character. We foster character that cares deeply about others and has the courage to set personal and community standards high. We believe that every student should be afforded with opportunities for developing leadership and service alongside cultural capital and high-quality careers education. In addition to our core curriculum, we are deeply committed to providing extra-curricular activities and subject enrichment opportunities. The success of our curriculum is measured in both the personal impact on our students, and the opening up of high-quality pathways into our partnership sixth form colleges, and beyond.

The curriculum has been designed with reference to the SEN Code of Practice (2014) and the Equality Act 2010.

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