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Revision Guide – Biology

SUBJECT: Biology
Paper 1 : 105 minutes
Paper 2: 105 minutes
EQUIPMENT REQUIRED: Black pen (and spare), pencil, eraser, ruler, calculator

Topics to be revised

Paper 1 (Units 1-4):
1. Cell biology
2. Organisation
3. Infection and response
4. Bioenergetics

Required practical content which will be examined:
Using a microscope to observe cells (Unit 1)
The effect of salt solutions on plant cells (Unit 1)
Testing for biological molecules in foods (Unit 2)
The effect of pH on enzyme activity (Unit 2)
The effect of antibiotics on bacterial growth (Unit 3)
The effect of light on the rate of photosynthesis (Unit 4)

Paper 2 (Units 5-7)
1. Homeostasis and response
2. Inheritance, variation and evolution
3. Ecology

Required practical content which will be examined:
Reaction time investigation (Unit 5)
Effect of light on seedlings (Unit 5)
Measuring population size (Unit 7)
Effect of temperature on the rate of decay of milk (Unit 7)

Revision Tips

  • Use mind maps and flash cards
  • Try making a glossary of key words to help increase confidence with the scientific terminology

Exam Hints

  • Learn key words
  • Read the question carefully and highlight question words to help you to consider what is being asked
  • If you find it helpful, draw diagrams and then turn them into words
  • Check how many marks a question is worth. If, for example, a question is worth 3 marks, be sure to make 3 valid points in your answer
  • Don’t forget to check through your paper after you have completed the questions to ensure that you are happy with your responses

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