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Revision Guide – D&T

LENGTH OF PAPER: Paper 1 : 120 minutes
EQUIPMENT REQUIRED: Black pen (and spare), pencil, eraser, ruler, calculator

Topics to be revised

D&T paper 1:

A selection of short and long answer questions based on all topics within the syllabus
1. Design and technology and our world
2. Smart materials
3. Electronic systems and programmable components
4. Mechanical components and devices
5. Materials
6. Practical application of maths

Choice of question based on specialised material. E.g. Wood or metal or plastic. There will be a banded question within this section worth 6-9 marks.

Revision Tips

  • Use revision posters and flash cards
  • Practise past papers
  • Make a glossary of key words to help increase confidence with terminology
  • Thoroughly revise wood OR metal OR plastics processes and techniques.

Exam Hints

  • Learn key words for each topic
  • Learn command words (explain, identify, analyse). Do you know what the question is asking you to do?
  • Read the question 3 times using CUBE to highlight important words in the questions Circle the command word, Underline keywords, Block any examples, then Express your answer
  • Check how many marks a question is worth. If, for example, a question is worth 3 marks, be sure to make 3 valid points in your answer
  • Don’t forget to check through your paper after you have completed the questions to ensure that you are happy with your responses
  • In Section B, only answer ONE of the 6 questions. If you answer more than one question, the examiner will only mark the first. Draw a line through anything you do not want marked.
  • Leave any drawing questions till the end. You can then take your time with them ensuring they are accurate.

Download a printable version here

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