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Revision Guide – Drama

EXAM BOARD AND CODE: Pearson (Edexcel) 1DR0
LENGTH OF PAPER: 1 hour 45 minutes
EQUIPMENT REQUIRED: Black pen (and spare)

Topics to be revised

‘Government Inspector’ by Nikolai Gogol, adapted by David Harrower
You need a thorough knowledge of the whole play. You will be given an extract in the exam, which could be any part of the play.
Working as a performer

  • How would you use performance skills (vocal, physical spatial) to portray characters, deliver dialogue and interpret stage directions?

Working as a director

  • How would you ask an actor to use performance skills to portray characters, deliver dialogue and interact with other characters on stage?
  • How would you hope to engage the audience?
  • How would you use production elements (set, costume, lighting, sound and staging) to bring the play to life for an audience?
  • How could you refer to the context in which the play was created and performed (19th century Russia) in your ideas?

Working as a designer

  • How would you use production elements (set, costume, lighting and sound) to enhance a production of the play for an audience?

Live Theatre Evaluation

You are allowed to take 500 words written notes in to the examination on the production we have seen to remind you of design elements and key moments etc

  • Analyse and evaluate performance and design skills in the live performance you saw as a member of an audience, and know the difference between analysis and evaluation.

Revision tips

  • Students have annotated copies of Government Inspector which can be used for revision purposes but cannot be taken into the exam. We also recommend the Pearson revision guide and workbook for the Edexcel course, which can be purchased in bookshops or online (ISBN: 978-1292131986).
  • Use notes and online resources to revise the live performance you will write about in the exam, focusing on performance and design skills.
  • There are many useful videos available on YouTube that explore how production elements can be used by designers to interpret and enhance theatre. Revise terminology associated with the roles of set, costume, lighting, sound and staging. A google image search on these topics can also be a helpful resource.
  • Spend time creating costume and set designs for the characters and scenes and watching versions of ‘Government Inspector’ on YouTube.

Exam Hints

  • Make sure that you attempt all of the questions. You may wish to start the paper back to front and deal with the longer questions first.
  • Be aware of the number of marks available for each question and stick to the suggested timings.
  • Read the question twice and underline the focus of the question: performer, director or designer – make sure you answer in this mode.
  • Underline the drama terminology you are being asked about. Make specific reference to this terminology in your answer.
  • Pay careful attention to where there is a choice of skills and where you must consider all listed skills.

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