Revision Guide – Computer Science

SUBJECT: Computer Science
Paper 1: Computer Systems – 90 minutes (50% of the GCSE)
Paper 2: Computational Thinking – 90 minutes (50% of the GCSE)
EQUIPMENT REQUIRED: Black pen (and spare), pencil

Topics to be revised

All topics taught in years 10 and 11 can be tested in the exams.
Details of specific topics to be revised for both papers are in the Course Companion which was given to all students in year 10. Also available electronically in the #files subject area

Revision Tips

Revision Guides:
The Course Companion provides detailed information for the entire syllabus. The 2018 past papers and the OCR sample papers and mark schemes have been given to students. Specific topic based revision material is also available via the subject area on the school network.

Useful websites:
A number of revision video tutorials written by two computer science teachers are freely available via YouTube. The following is a link to the GCSE elements of this resource

Revision Techniques:

  • Use the ‘Year 11 Computer Science Final Advice’ document for ideas
  • Make and display Post-it notes with key facts and skills
  • Make revision cards with questions on one side, answers and method on the back
  • Make a Mind map summarising all the key skills for each topic (use colour and pictures)
  • Practice using Pseudocode to show the algorithms for given tasks
  • Try to do 20 minutes every day

Exam Hints

Don’t Rush – you should have plenty of time

Read the questions carefully to ensure you understand the task. This is important for:

  • Algorithm questions to ensure you can identify the Inputs, Process and Outputs expected.
  • QWC and Banded questions to ensure you have identified the expected elements to include in your response.

Download a printable version here

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