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Spelling Strategies to try at home

  • Break it into sounds (u-n-i-o-n)
  • Break it into syllables (con-tin-ent)
  • Break it into affixes (dis + satisfy)
  • Use a mnemonic (Never Eat Chips Eat Salad Sandwiches And Remain Young!)
  • Refer to a word in the same family (chemical, chemist, chemistry)
  • Over-articulate it (Wed-nes-day)
  • Words within words (GUM in argument)
  • Refer to word history (bi = two, cycle = wheels)
  • Use analogy (through, rough, enough)
  • Use a key word (I’m – to remember a apostrophe can replace a  missing letter)
  • Apply spelling rules ( hopping = short vowel sound, hoping = long vowel)
  • Learn by sight (look-say-cover-write check)
  • Visual memory (recall images, colour, font)

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Prefixes and Suffixes

Sentence types

A punctuation Guide

Reluctant Reader Tips

Spelling Strategies to try at home