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Homophones are words that sound the same, but that have different spellings or meanings.

1. It’s
2. Its
1. Contraction. Short for it is.
2. Determiner, possessive pronoun. Shows ownership of or belonging to.
1. It’s his car.
2. Its tyres needed changing
1. Off
2. Of
1. Adverb or preposition.
2. Preposition.
1. Its tyres are falling off.
2. The tyres of his car are falling off.
1. To
2. Too
3. Two
1. Preposition. It marks an infinitive verb (to go, to dance).
2. Adverb. Meaning as well, in addition, or excessively
3. Number (2).
1. We can go to the tyre fitters together.
2. Maybe your mum will come too. It will be too much money.
3. Hopefully you will only need two tyres.
1. Weather
2. Whether
1. Noun. Rainy, cloudy, sunny etc.
1b. Something worn away (weathered).
2. Conjunction. Expressing choice or doubt.
1. The weather today is sunny.
1b. The roof is looking weathered.
2. I am not sure whether he realises.
1. Are
2. Our
3. Hour
1. Verb. A form of ‘to be’ - present tense.
2. Possessive determiner or pronoun. Shows ownership or belonging.
3. Noun. A unit of time.
1. There are five apples.
2. It was our car.
3. In an hour, it will be time to go.
1. Lose
2. Loose
1. Verb. To stop having. To be unable to find something. To fail to win.
2. Adjective. Not firmly or tightly fixed in place. Not tightly fitting. Not close or compact in structure or formation - not solid. Relaxed.
1. It is no fun when we lose.
2. The tile on the roof is loose.
1. There
2. Their
3. They’re
1. Adverb. Indicates location, or presence.
2. Possessive determiner or pronoun. Shows ownership or belonging.
3. Contraction. Short for they are.
1. There is a bakery over there.
2. Their prices are reasonable.
3. They’re going to replace all the tyres on the car.
1. Where
2. Were
3. Wear
4. We’re
1. Adverb. Place or position.
2. Verb. Past tense of are.
3. Verb. To have clothing etc. on your body.
4. Contraction. Short for ‘we are’.
1. Where do you live?
2. There were no easy answers. They were waiting.
3. Verb. I wear a coat. It will wear away. He was not going to wear that excuse!
4. We’re going to the cinema.

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