Here are some useful resources to help you support your child through their learning and explore their future career pathways:

Click here for the termly KEVIS Parent/Carer Careers update

“The Parent Perspective” 8-part Podcast
Parents and carers are one of the biggest influencers on a young person making their career decisions.

This podcast
will provide a space for parents and carers to:

  • Explore which careers are available today
  • Showcase the experiences of interesting and diverse role models
  • Provide real-time insights into how the world of work is changing

Each episode will feature a panel of diverse parents, bringing their questions and insights to expert speakers to try to tackle and offer practical solutions to some of the challenges parents currently face in supporting their children to make informed decisions.

The Parents Guide to Virtual Work Experience – Why it might help your child stand out

Virtual work experience, also referred to as online, remote or digital work experience, provides young people with the opportunity to gain experience in the workplace, develop their skills, boost their employability and explore new industries and job roles. Click on the link above to find out more.

National Careers Week (NCW) ran from 1-6 March 2021 and a number of useful resources are available to help you support your child in making their career choices. Here is a link to the Parents’ Guide to Careers for NCW 2021.


Amazing apprenticeships parents and carers information guide

Careermag for Parents/Carers

Understanding the teen brain

Post-16 Options

Your Child’s options after Year 11
Department for Education Post-16 Choices
What is Further Education and how do Diploma courses compare to A levels?
Find out more here:

Next Steps after Year 11: West Suffolk College have produced a new follow-up video for Year 11 students and their parents/carers. The video provides a guide to applications, resources, virtual tours and a Q&A section. For more information, please click here

Finding a new job in 2021: 10 simple tips for success

Opportunities for parents and carers to learn new skills and/or develop their career


National Careers Week


Careers Programme

Careers Update

Destinations Data

Higher Education (HE)




Useful Careers Websites

Virtual/ Online Work Experience