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Work Experience (WEX)

Here are links to a range of virtual/online and in-person work experience (WEX) programmes to help you gain knowledge about different workplaces, develop your employability skills and explore new industries and job roles.

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Year 11 Internships                                                                                                                                          PN Logo

Do you have a passion or skill that could lead to a future career?
Pot Noodle is offering up 150+ paid internships for young people across the UK, in music, film, streaming, gaming, tech, publishing, sport or fashion. Successful applicants will work at a cutting-edge company, gaining valuable paid work experience and transferable skills to launch their future careers.

Click here to explore further and to apply.

Barclays Life Skills: Young People HubBarclays LifeSkills logo
Click here to learn where your skills are needed in the modern workplace and see the inner workings of a company. Meet and actively work with different departments on one exciting project, helping them to solve problems and to complete real-life tasks.

Online Work Experience and Career Days in  2023 for students aged 14-17  logo 72ppi.png

CAREERDAYS.CO.UK offer a range of online work experience sessions for careers in the following fields:  Dentistry, Medicine, Midwifery, Psychology, Business, Architecture, Law, Veterinary Medicine, Computer Science and Performing Arts.  

Click here for more information and to book your place.

Session Fees: £59 per session
Note: Bursaries are available for students meeting the relevant criteria

InvestIN: In-person and Online Careers Programmes in 2023
Life-changing, immersive career experience programmes for students aged 12-18 years

King Edward VI is an InvestIN partnership school so our students benefit from a 10% discount on the programmes selected

Students will learn directly from some of the UK’s best professionals – doctors, forensic scientists, architects, MPs, filmmakers, engineers and more – through a series of live, interactive simulations which provide tailor-made, professional experiences. Students can attend either at UCL (London) or live online from the comfort of their own homes. Book now to avoid disappointment! 

Spring and Summer Term 2023 Careers Programmes:
Ages 12-14

Book your place here
for experiences in Medicine, Engineering, Investment Banking, Law and Computer Science

Ages 15-18
Book your place here for experiences as a Young Architect, Doctor, Engineer, Lawyer, Investment Banker, Dentist, Entrepreneur, Artist, Psychologist, Forensic Scientist, Political Leader, Software engineer, Vet or Video Game Designer. 

Programme fees:
Career experiences start at £165/student for weekend programmes in autumn and spring. The summer experiences vary in cost depending on the package. Pricing is listed on the individual programme pages.

Note: Bursaries are available for students meeting the relevant criteria

NHS Talent Academy

The NHS Talent Academy for Suffolk and North East Essex offers online work experience that covers both clinical and non-clinical roles.
Upcoming 2023 dates for the latest programme will be published in due course. To register your interest, click here to complete an application form.


Speakers for Schools (S4S) Work experience opportunities Speakers for Schools

Speakers for Schools have teamed up with hundreds of leading UK employers to provide work experience placements and provide valuable insights into the world of work. Search for a specific employer or use the filters to find online placements based on your age or the industry you’re interested in.

Explore the latest placements on offer across a wide range of industries here


Springpod are offering a variety of work experience programmes for 2023.

Sign up here for Springpod’s virtual work experience programmes and Insight Days, as well as apprenticeship opportunities and career guides, such as Classroom to Boardroom.


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