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West Suffolk College Applications – New format for 2022

West Suffolk College (WSC) applications by Year 11 students will now take the following new format: students will be applying for the Curriculum area (for example, Business Studies, Finance and Law) not the course level once WSC receive an application and process it, they will email students with a link to an interview form once […]


Abbeygate Sixth Form College – Open Event and Applications

Abbeygate Sixth Form College (ASFC) are holding their first Open Event on Thursday 21 October 2021. Students can book their place through the ASFC website: Applications for September 2022 open on the 9 October 2021 and can be submitted through the online admissions portal:  Full instructions on the application process will be on […]


British Army Officer Scholarship for A Level students

If you have your heart set on becoming an Army officer, but are still at school, the British Army has a scheme to help support you through A levels (and university). The Army Officer Scholarship Scheme (AOSS)  is offered to high quality students who have the potential to make excellent Army officers and you’ll be […]

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