The curriculum at King Edward VI School

The curriculum is our framework for education here, the knowledge and understanding we wish students to gain whilst they are with us, and the ways in which we assess how effectively that learning has taken place.

The purpose of our curriculum

We have a moral responsibility to help young people to be increasingly excited about the world around them, to thirst for understanding and to develop the knowledge, skills and character they will need to be confident, ethical citizens. We seek to provide opportunities which will inspire students to achieve great things, aspire to be the very best they can be and immerse themselves in the core elements which make up our complex, challenging yet beautiful world.

Our curriculum therefore provides a very broad range of opportunity. It enables knowledge to be acquired in a timely fashion. It helps young people develop skills over time to become better learners. It places no limit on what can be achieved, or discovered – rather it demonstrates the limitless nature of our world and helps pupils feel inspired by the sheer size, complexity and beauty of our universe. It provides all this explicitly for young people from a wide variety of backgrounds – making up in some instances for what is lacking elsewhere in a young person’s life.

What difference will our curriculum make? It will provide regular ‘awe and wonder.’ It will shock, amuse, amaze. It will provoke questions, enabling young people to articulate their thoughts more clearly and with greater impact. It will strengthen the mind’s capacity to absorb new information and help students process information in many different ways. It will provide significant challenge, but also the deep pleasure which comes from mental, social, physical and spiritual effort.


We have extensive information about the curriculum we offer on our website:


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Further information for parents on how to support your child can be found here.