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08 February 2016

This is a time of choices. Year 9 students begin to choose the option subjects they will study at GCSE. Year 11 students receive their mock examination results and begin their 1:1 Sixth Form interviews. Thanks also to more than 100 external applicants who have asked to join our Sixth Form in September. We are delighted by and grateful for your interest in our work and values.

We have an exciting year ahead as we prepare for September 2016 when our new Year 7, 8 and 9 students will join us - the culmination of years of planning to become a true full 11-18 school. We can't wait. There will be some new buildings, and lots of curriculum development, plus plenty of close work with our middle and primary school partners.

As well as our central focus on teaching students of all ages and abilities, we continue to give a strong commitment to a rich range of enrichment activities. Read more about them in the latest edition of Celebrate! here.

For parents of children in primary school, we are running three of our popular open mornings on 10 February, 2 March and 16 March. Book a place here, and come and see our school at work:
Parent information Visit 1
Parent information Visit 2
Parent information Visit 3

Job vacancy: Clerk to the Governors of the Foundation

Owing to retirement, the King Edward VI Grammar School Foundation is looking for a Clerk to the Governors of the Foundation. This is a voluntary role supporting the work of the Foundation to help pupils at the school achieve exceptional results. And would suit someone in part-time work or who has reached retirement.

There are three trustee meetings per annum. It is anticipated that about thirty hours per annum is required, for which there is an annual honorarium of £1200 which also includes expenses.

For more details please contact Dennis Deeks by email on rowan212@btinternet.com

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