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5 May 2016

Next Generation: this week our Year 10 leaders have welcomed our brand new Year 7 students

Many congratulations to all of the students who have gained a place to join us in September - from lots of schools across West Suffolk. We have really enjoyed meeting you during our six transition evenings over the past three weeks. Thank you for the brilliant first impression you have made. September - with its new eating areas, sports facilities, table tennis tables and classrooms is going to feel really special. Before then, we look forward to seeing you all in June and July at our special transition days.

Meanwhile our 'This Girl Can' series of sporting events was a huge success. Watch the video here. There's a last chance to register for our Shanghai advanced leadership programme here. And we are thrilled to be launching our new Rugby Academy in partnership with Bury RFC.

Meanwhile our priority is to help our students to prepare for their all-important examinations this summer. Lunchtime and after-school revision sessions continue, plus silent study throughout the school. Good luck to every single one of you preparing for the summer's examinations.

Our success in sport, music and debating goes on. To follow the range of activities our students are involved in, do follow us on Facebook.

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