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18 May 2015

Year 11 Prom 2014: Counting down to this year's night to remember

We are now deep into the summer examination season. Good luck to all our students during the coming few weeks.

Next week is half-term week, followed on Monday 1 June by target-setting/review day. This is when Year 9 and 10 students, with their parents, will come into school to review the progress they have made in the past year and to set targets for the year ahead.

We have enjoyed meeting next year's Year 9 students over the past two weeks. You have made a great impression and we look forward to welcoming you for a day's visit on Friday 10 July.

Meanwhile, we are counting down to the Year 11 prom on Friday 26th June. These are the details:

Athenaeum, Bury St Edmunds
Tickets cost £27

It promises to be a wonderful and memorable night. Tickets are available from Student Services.

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