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Year 6 Home Learning

We would like to provide Year 6 pupils with the opportunity to prepare for their Year 7 learning at King Edward VI School. Background reading, and familiarisation with new topics and subject terminology, are both very useful ways to prepare for joining us in September.

For this reason, and owing to the current situation we find ourselves in, our Subject Leaders have put together some transition work. The work will help those Year 6 pupils joining us in September to make a strong and positive start to Year 7 at King Edward VI School.  The work includes course outlines, Knowledge Organisers and web pages to read, as well as learning tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the work compulsory?

A: No, this work is optional. We understand that some Yr 6 pupils may still be very busy and/or struggling to engage at this time, so there is no expectation that all or any of it is completed. That said, it is our intention that pupils can engage with our work alongside the learning that they are already undertaking in their primary schools or at home.

Q: Will pupils be tested on this when they start in September?

A: No, the resources are designed to complement the work they will be doing. If pupils are not able to do the work this will not affect future tests and assessments, although, completing the work will help to provide a strong foundation for future success.

Q: Can this be worked on over the summer holiday?

A: That is entirely up to you. The assumption is that some pupils will look at it from now until the end of term. If pupils would like to look at the resources over the Summer, however, we would not discourage them from doing so.

Q: If the work is not done will it negatively affect future attainment?

A: No, these are extra resources and provide a glimpse of what they will be studying when they start with us in September. That isn’t to say that it will not provide a strong starting point, but all pupils join us at different stages of their learning anyway and this will be even more pronounced this year.

Q: Will the work be marked?

A: No, it isn’t necessary to mark most of the work as the majority of it is based on research, reading, watching and learning new vocabulary. If, however, an individual is particularly proud of a piece of work then they can send it to and we will be pleased to send it to the appropriate member of staff.

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