Sixth Form Bursary

The Sixth From Bursary is available to students in need of financial assistance. The Bursary provides funds to students based on parental income and whether students have been entitled to support previously. There are currently three levels of support available:

Level 1: Full Bursary (£1200 paid in instalments)

If a student is living in care or is entitled to Disability Living Allowance in their own right.

Level 2: Partial Bursary (£600 paid in instalments)

If parental income is below £16,190 or if a student has received Free School Meals in the past 6 years.

Level 3: Discretionary Bursary (Up to £300)

If parental income is below £19,500 or if there are exceptional financial circumstances. These awards are at the discretion of the school and are not automatic.

For each of these awards proof of financial need and circumstance is required. Please read the guidance, and complete the application form, returning it to Mrs Thorpe in the Sixth Form Office. Students can only apply once they are enrolled in the Sixth Form. If you have any questions please do contact a member of the Sixth Form team.

Please click below to download a copy of the Bursary application form.

Bursary application 2017

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