Year 11 leavers – Philosophy and Ethics

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Reading list:

  • Dawkins, Richard; The God Delusion
  • McGrath, Alister; The Dawkins Delusion? Atheist Fundamentalism and the Denial of the Divine
  • Vardy, Peter; Ethics Matters
  • Hope, Tony; Medical Ethics: A Very Short Introduction
  • Baggini, Julian; The Pig That Wants to be Eaten: And Ninety Nine Other Thought Experiments


Below are some of the topics that are part of the A2 Religious Studies course.

Listen and make notes on the following podcasts:

Episode 1: Plato’s cave
Episode 75: Christian Animal Ethics
Episode 27: Conscience
Episode 6: Kantian Ethics
Episode 5: Utilitarian Ethics
Episode 45: Christianity, Gender and society:
Episode 10: The problem of Evil Part 1:


Is Christianity irredeemable sexist?
Arguments for the existence of God:

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