Year 11 leavers – History

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Please see ‘supra-curricular log’ documents attached on the school website.

Reading list:

If you are doing History at A-Level at Abbeygate or another provider doing Warfare or Russia topics see the ‘supra-curricular log’ for Warfare (if you are doing the Early Modern route OR the Modern route at A-Level) and for Russia (if you are doing the Modern route). This includes films, documentaries, podcasts, fiction and non-fiction reading suggestions and will be an invaluable start to the course.

If you are interested in History more generally and/or thinking about doing it at university and want to build wider knowledge:

‘The Five: the untold stories of the victims of Jack the Ripper’ by Hallie Rubenhold – fascinating and feminist look at the Victorian period as well as how historians use evidence
‘The House by the Lake’ by Thomas Harding – a look at one house in Germany through the Nazi and Communist periods. Fascinating and very readable!
‘Black and British: a Forgotten History’ by David Olusoga – a hot topic and a fascinating look at lots of historical periods you thought you knew something about.
‘In Our Time’ or ‘History Extra’ podcasts – available on a whole range of topics and fascinating but accessible listening.
‘Wild Swans: three daughters of China’ by Jung Chang – fascinating story of Chinese history told through three women’s stories.


  •  Start a notebook which is a log of all of the History reading/podcasts/films etc. – don’t make detailed notes, but record key ideas and reflections. This is very useful for applying to university!
  • Visit a local historical site or museum. Think about what you have learnt and how the information is presented – what interpretation do they want you to take away from it? What do you think about this?
  • Make a timeline of British History based on what you know. Do some research online and add in three or four more periods e.g. the Georgians or the Stuarts, which you might know less about.
  • Use the ‘historical investigation’ activity sheet to help you research an interesting historical figure.
  • Use the ‘source activity about Russia’ sheet to get you thinking about primary source material and how this can be used by historians.

For any further suggestions or ideas for things to do to help, or if you need further guidance, please email:

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