Year 11 Leavers – Food Science and Nutrition

Independent Learning Task(s) to Complete:

A practical understanding and application is vital to success in this new Level 3 qualification. Having the ability to plan and make different products using different ingredients and methods of making are key elements. Attached is a GCSE list of products that you need to be able to make. Use the list as following:

  1. Tick off all products you can make with confidence
  2. Mark the products you are less confident with or have not made
  3. Over the summer period practise/remake the products from point 2.
  4. Produce comprehensive planning sheets to accompany your recipes. It is not expected that you produce a planning sheet for each dish but attempt to complete 2 or 3 detailed sheets to include safety checks alongside quality control points. An outline of the type of planning sheet required is attached as well as an example.

How it links to the Specification:

AC6.1 use tools in preparation of commodities
AC6.2 use advanced techniques in preparation of commodities
AC6.3 assure quality of materials to be used in food preparation
AC6.4 use advanced techniques in cooking of commodities
AC6.5 present cooked complex dishes using advanced presentation techniques
AC6.6 use food safety practices

Dishes and Skills list
Practical Planning Document
Example Planning Document

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