Starting Secondary School

It is extremely important to us that new pupils start Year 7 feeling safe, secure, happy and enthused to be part of their new school. This not only applies to students; we would also like parents and carers to be happy and well-informed about the move their child will make from primary to secondary school.

At King Edward VI School we have measures in place to make sure that this important change is handled in a friendly, caring, organised and effective way, minimising the worry for students, parents and carers. We see the transition between primary and secondary as a crucial period in a child’s education and we will implement a number of procedures to ensure every child is catered for.

Transition from primary to secondary school does not begin in Year 6 and end in Year 7. We ensure that our primary liaison and transition work begins in Year 5 and continues into 6, through a range of activities and opportunities. Click here to view the transition events that we offer in Year 5 and 6.

Our aim is to create a smooth transition from primary to secondary school for children within the Bury Schools Partnership and beyond. We are committed to working together to achieve this. Some of the main activities we offer and important dates for your diary are listed below.

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Come for a tour

Students and staff are always on hand to give tours to children, along with their parents/carers, who are interested in joining us at King Edward VI School.

Our Tour Guides are friendly, confident students in Years 7, 8 and 9 who will help you form an impression of our wonderful school. They will show you our bespoke science, art, design and sporting facilities, as well as introducing you to members of our leadership, teaching and support teams.  Most importantly, perhaps, they will answer the questions you and your child may have about life at King Edward VI School.

If having a relaxed walk around the school – while gaining a sense of the calm and creative atmosphere – appeals to you, then please do not hesitate to get in contact: or 01284 761393.

To arrange a tour please telephone Debbie Dunning on 01284 761393 (Ext 252), or email