International Links

International links are very dear to us at King Edward VI School. We believe that all students should have the opportunity to embrace other countries and cultures partly to inspire interest and learning, but also because we know that our young people will need to work alongside and compete with people from other countries in years to come.

“Our increasingly interdependent world demands greater interaction and understanding between people and greater respect for our differences. We must therefore build communities where people of culture are seen as equal, learn from each other and share a common sense of rights and responsibilities as global citizens.”
– The British Council

We currently have strong links with Shanghai (China), Rwanda, Spain, Portugal, Nepal, Denmark, Kurdistan (Northern Iraq), France, Germany, San Francisco (USA) and Jasper (Canada).

As well as enriching our school culture through high profile events such as festivals, community involvement, exchange visits, Advanced Leadership Programmes (built around Dance, Sport, Music, Maths and Literacy), Trans-Global communications, school visits by International partners etc. we also value what the British Council call “The Global Dimensions”. This provides a deeper approach to how students can learn from engaging with our International links.