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Post-16 Options for Year 11 Students

1. What are the choices?

Post-16, students can choose to:

  • apply to study A Levels at a school Sixth Form or Sixth Form College (SFC)
  • apply to study for a Vocational qualification (e.g. BTEC, Level 2 or Level 3 Diploma) at a Further Education (FE) college or SFC where these are offered
  • apply for an apprenticeship
    apply for a traineeship
  • apply for an internship
  • work part-time or volunteer (20 hours or more per week) alongside education or training (part-time) until the age of 18 years

2. What decisions need to be made?

Depending on the above choices, students can now:

  • select A Levels to study if intending to stay in full-time Sixth Form education
  • apply for a place online at a school Sixth Form or Sixth Form College
  • apply for a place online at an FE/ Vocational college (e.g. West Suffolk College, Suffolk One, Easton & Otley College)
  • apply for an apprenticeship course at an FE College

Students can also research and in 2020:

  • apply for a traineeship or internship with an employer
  • search for employment (with regard to the criteria above)

Please note that students can apply for more than one of the above options at the same time and for different levels of course at FE colleges.

Post GCSE results
(August 2020), students will:

  • confirm their choice if expected grades are achieved
  • adapt or change their choice if expected grades are not achieved

3. When are the key deadlines?

Applications to Sixth Forms and Colleges tend to be on-going from now until June 2020, although owing to the date of published GCSE results and potential changes in choices, applications may be possible post – GCSE results. Having a motivational target means the sooner the better for applications.

Post-16 Assemblies for all Year 11 Students:

Year 11 students have already had assemblies about post-16 pathways delivered by myself, Careers, Education, Information Advice & Guidance (CEIAG) Co-ordinator, Abbeygate Sixth Form College and West Suffolk College.

In addition, please note:

  • Intended Destination data will be collected from all Year 11 students by
    31 October
  • Individual interviews with Year 11 students will take place post Trial Results Day (9 January 2020) with Heads of Colleges. Any students who need to change options will then come to me to discuss these

Year 11 Parents Evening will take place on Thursday 9 January 2020

If you would like any further details, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Angela Hahn
CEIAG Co-ordinator

Tel: 01284 761393