Supporting Learning

This section is designed to help parents in their role of helping children to achieve their best. It can be easy to assume that by the time children have reached upper school, there isn't much parents can do to influence their success. But there is!

Before students come to King Edward VI School, parents, the school and the students sign a home-school agreement. This document sets out what we can expect of each other. It is a statement of our shared responsibilities. We see it as a formal agreement that we will all work together for the benefit of every student.

When a student enters Year 7 at King Edward VI School your first concern will be for the safety and security of your child. That is also our concern.

You will know from our New Intake Evenings in April/May this year, how much emphasis we place upon getting to know each student individually. Parents can be reassured that students from a range of different middle schools bond together well in tutor groups, lessons and other groupings, and new friendships are quickly made. Any initial concerns on behalf of a student usually disappear within a few days. If you have concerns about this, however, please contact your child's tutor in the first instance.

How can I support my child in Years 7 to 11?

Parents can support their children by:
  • Supporting our uniform expectations and making sure that your child comes to school properly dressed and fully equipped for the day ahead
  • Ensuring that your child attends school regularly and keeping us informed if for any reason s/he is absent
  • Avoiding taking family holidays during term time
  • Talking to them about their work
  • Taking an interest in their activities
  • Encouraging a healthy lifestyle (balanced diet, fresh water rather than just canned drinks, and regular exercise)
  • Providing them with a quiet place in which to study and a table or desk at which to work
  • Ensuring that they quickly develop a homework routine. The precise timings do not matter: the regular routine does. We would recommend that students should not normally go out until homework has been completed
  • Helping your child to go on school visits and to get involved in out-of-hours learning (eg music, sport, debating, art, and the many other clubs we offer)
  • Signing the student planner at the end of each week
  • Most important - giving praise and positive encouragement.
You should encourage:
  • Young people to complete around 2 hours' homework a night / 10 hours a week
  • Reviewing. Students need to go through their work regularly in school and condense some of the material into note form. This will help understanding and ensure that revision before exams becomes easier. Reviewing work is one of the most powerful ways of learning well.

How can I support my child in the Sixth Form?

Post-16 study can be one of the most exciting points in a young person's life. At times it can also be intensely stressful. You can support your daughter/son by ...

  • Encouraging them to watch news programmes and discuss current affairs with them
  • Encouraging them to attend concerts, exhibitions, university open days
  • Encouraging students to watch good quality television and read quality newspapers in order to enhance their general knowledge
  • Allowing them to make their own decisions
  • Actively discussing future plans without forcing their own views on students
  • Discussing what Sixth Form courses or other training they might undertake
  • Actively discussing future plans without forcing their own views on students
  • Researching financial arrangements and discussing them fully
  • Taking an interest in their studies
  • Giving lots of praise and encouragement

If you have other ideas for supporting students' learning, please send it to us using our Feedback page.